I watched B: The Beginning

And i liked it, first of all the song that plays during credits.. i am in love with, its called “The Perfect World”.

for anyone who wants to watch this anime, i wouldn’t continue reading there might be some spoilers.

and now moving on to the anime itself, i really did enjoy this, i haven’t watched something like this before in form of a anime, so it’s a little different. And i really did enjoy this style of anime.

It starts off with introducing Killer B, aka Koku who’s going around killing murderers, getting revenge but you only really learn that he is getting revenge later on in the anime, he’s not portrayed as the bad guy, i didn’t like any of the characters straight away it took a few episodes for them to grow on me but when they did grow on me.

Keith Flick the other main character who is a detective and a very good one, a bit like Sherlock Holmes minus the crazy.. okay now that i’ve said it, i see more reasons not to compare him to Sherlock but i will stick to that :|. He’s a smart guy that’s basically what i’m saying, I actually really liked Keith Flick, i think that might have something to do with his sadness and talk about his past, his life a few years back when his sister is murdered. Keith is obviously trying to catch Killer B and he eventually will do.

Keith and Koku are connected in some way, I won’t go into it, but i liked that connection, I liked that part of the story, I find myself enjoying it more the more episodes i watched, the more i found out about Keith and Koku and the “bad guys”.

Basically what i’m saying is, is that i really enjoyed this “CAT AND MOUSE” chase. and the ending was satisfying. I plan to watch it again because i will have missed details first time round plus i watched a lot of this on my travels to and from work. Also i really liked it visually, i’m usually a little picky about my animes.



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