Tokyo Ghoul Uravel


So i’m sat here listening to Tokyo Ghoul related soundtracks on youtube and i come across a few different covers of the Unravel (the opening song for season 1) and obviously i love them because how can i not? (i’m a little obsessed, currently).

This cover .. well it’s more like a acoustic version on a piano and its beautiful and well this version has the lyric on screen.

So well these lyrics are perfect, its as if they were written for the Anime because the lyrics are directly related to Kankei (the main character).. were they? i can’t seem to find anything on the www that says so.

This is what the lyrics make me think of, what they mean to me, my understanding of them.

The lyrics include lines like

“Tell me… tell me how this all works; who lies within me?” it’s as if its kaneki himself is talking about his struggle at first when he discovers what’s happened to him and he’s fighting it and really struggles to accept Rize.

“I can’t unravel myself… ” when he tries so hard to be normal but he’s slowly going a little mad, and kaneki is like in constant battle with himself.

“I’ll go insane— I can’t lose my mind… Then I found you… and felt something give way!” the moment he gives in to Rize.

“In this twisted world, my form grows more and more transparent, until it can’t even be seen. Please don’t find me… don’t look upon me.” this makes me think about him and hides relationship with the one human he cares about. How he just leaves him without an explanation and when he first comes out of hospital he’s constantly ignoring his calls and msgs, he runs away from hide and doesn’t want to hurt him. I also think about the time when in the anime when he leaves his friends at the cafe to join the organisation, he just wants people that he cares about to be safe and thinks its the best way to keep them safe.

“Please remember who I was, as vivid as I used to be. Don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget… I’m paralyzed by the fact I’ve changed… In a paradise made of nothing I can change… So please just remember me.” it’s as if kaneki is talking about his struggle to not entirely forget himself, to not completely change, to not go crazy, to stay in touch with his human side.

Overall the lyrics relate to the character and it’s such a perfect fit! its emotional and gives you the feels of Kanekis tragic story.


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