I love Tokyo Ghoul…

HI, I’m rosered .. and I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of Tokyo ghoul. It’s got me wanting to share all my thoughts and maybe even rants, so here I go.

So i just finished watching season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul Again. and once again many emotions are felt, obviously! erm I’m all over the place when watching it and i LOOVE it!, i know i’ve enjoyed something when i feel many emotions in the space of 10 mins even.. or mostly an episode which is usually like 20-30 mins long. And i’m that person. That person who’s going to finish the series and then go and read all about it, read reviews, opinions, theories .. basically i want to know what everyone thought are about it, i want people to love it as much as i did and if they didnt i want to know why! and want to disagree with them :|.

okay.. so back to what i was saying,.. why did i watch tokyo ghoul again? well honestly?, i have an awful memory and attention span(in result i forget what’s already happened) .. but also because watching season 3 (Tokyo ghoul :re) i had very little idea of what was actually going on… and i watched season 3 not too long after season 2, so i googled this, and i learnt that the manga explains things better (surprise surprise :o)

I started to read the manga, oh man i’m enjoying that so much, my train journeys aren’t the same anymore. My “downtime” at work just isn’t quite the same anymore. Its the most exciting thing i’ve read in awhile.. I still have a lot to get through, i am currently on chapter 10 i believe.

and oh god … I love tokyo ghoul!!! it makes me laugh it makes me cry! it makes me angry.. it makes happy and i could go on but i wouldn’t know what some of those emotions are even called. I just watched kaneki walk with hide in his arms, i watched this for the 50th time maybe, (i use to watch it on repeat on youtube with the sad soundtrack)… oh kaneki you poor poor boy! but what an ending!!! what an ending!!!. Heartbreaking to see kaneki like that… and then to see that Kishou Arima stood there waiting with his weapon!!. made me so mad!! it makes me so mad how these humans just don’t want to see the humane side to the ghouls, they’d rather just believe they’re monsters and find ways of killing them without trying to understand them at all. if it’s not obvious, i’m on the ghouls side.

This time though when i watched it, i was actually giving it my whole attention(or what i class as my whole attention) and i am embarrassed to say that the first time when i watched it.. i missed lot of information, i missed a lot!.it’s embarrassing how little i actually took from it.

I can finally breathe now, got that out of my system.

Thank you for taking your time out to reading this. Hope you enjoyed it and that it made some sort of sense.. i had no idea i could go on for that long even by keyboard.




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